Military Records for Aquila

The records below are derived from the Fogli Matricolari preserved in the Archivio di Stato, L'Aquila, and refer to individuals that requested a passport for a foreign destination. When one parent is registered as deceased, it is referred to a date before the year of the call to military service.

List of Records

  • Cappoli Giustino, born on 9 May 1867 in Paganica, bracciante, son of Cappoli Nunzio and Di Giamberardino Maria; passport on 31.07.1896 for Saô Paulo.
  • Chiaravalle Emidio, born on 16 May 1893 in Paganica, son of Chiaravalle Rodrigo and late Ferella Luisa.
  • Ciocca Paolino, born on 7 January 1889 in Bagno, bracciante, son of Ciocca Antonio and Armellini Giuliana; passport on 17.10.1911 for New York.
  • Ciuffetelli Giovanni, born on 7 May 1867 in Aquila, contadino, son of Ciuffetelli Pietrantonio and Ciuffetelli Virginia; passport on 04.09.1897 for the U.S.A.
  • Civisca Giacomo, born on 31 January 1867 in Bagno, son of Civisca Berardino and Prospero Antonia; passport on 2.06.1900 for Svizzera
  • Dippel Natale, born on 25 October 1867 in Camarda; passport on 10.08.1894 for Turkey.
  • Falcione Francesco, born on 1 August 1867 in Aquila, son of Falcione Berardino and De Angelis Berardina; passport on 15.02.1896 for New York.
  • Federici Paris, born on 28 September 1867 in Paganica, proprietario, son of Federici Camillo and Coia Filomena; passport on 28.02.1900.
  • Ferrauto Paolino, born on 18 January 1867 in Bagno, bracciante, son of Ferrauto Giuseppe and Caldarelli Gioconda; passport on 23.02.1900 for Pianosa
  • Iancolino Igino, born on 5 December 1889 in Aquila, contadino, son of Iancolino Salvatore and Rossi Marianna; passport on 06.09.1920 for New York.
  • Ianni Gregorio, born on 13 October 1889 in Aquila, contadino, son of Ianni Antonio and Ianni Luisa; passport on 20.4.1913 for Germany.
  • Martellucci Luigi, born on 25 June 1867 in Arischia, bracciante Martellucci, son of Bernardino and Beccia Caterina; passport on 6 May 1900 for Switzerland.
  • Mastrantonio Gaetano, born on 24 May 1867 in Aquila, scalpellino, son of Mastarntonio Costantino and Pelosini Angela; passport on 04.01.1897 for Brasil.
  • Micone Feliceantonio, born on 22 February 1871 in Paganica, son of Micone Vincenzo and Alessandri Rebecca; passport on 28.02.1901 for Buenos Aires.
  • Perazza Saverio, born on 18 September 1867 in Paganica, son of Perazza Gaetano and Cicino Raffaella?; passport on 14.12.1896 for Turkey and the U.S.A.
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