Roccascalegna Catasto Onciario 1751

Onciario cover One of the two originals of the onciario book is preserved in the the State Archive of Chieti, and is dated 1751. The other copy was delivered to Naples, and should be available in the Camera della Sommaria archive.
The Capofuochi (a fuoco was a family sharing a fireplace, that is living under the same roof) were subdivided into Resident Citizens (131 fuochi) Widowas (4 fuochi), Non-Resident Foreigners(3 fuochi). In the original manuscript individuals were listed alphabetically by first name.

Alphabetical Index of the Capofuochi


The copy, which was left in the townhall of the place, was updated in the following years with changes of properties following deaths, donations or purchases, therefore contains annotations at the margins in other handwritings. The copy presently in the archive of Chieti is written in very light, faded ink. The total payment to the kingdom was 8503 (and 0.18,11) once. The cover contains the following introduction:

"S.M.S. -- Catasto formato in quest'anno -- nella Terra di Rocca Scalegna il nuovo catasto à tenore de' Reali Istruzioni della Regia Camera della Sommaria oggi 8 luglio 1751


  • Original signatures of: Giosuè Zinno, Loreto di Laureto, Pompeo Travaglino, Pasquale di Tonno
  • signatures with sign of cross of: Antonio di Tonno, Giovanni Cianci, Berardino di Giovangiordano, Clemente di Giovannangelo, Annibale Talone
  • at bottom original signature of Nunziato d'Alfonzo Chancellor