Indexes of Ancient Notary Deeds for Gessopalena

Notaries were very active in Gessopalena, where the destruction of WW2 bombings involved also ancient church records. That is why notaries become a main resource for family history.
Titles of the documents have been translated into English, where possible. When in Latin, the original language was preserved, and usually the whole deed would be in Latin as well. To request copies of the document of your interest, transcribe all the details - name of notary, year, page of act (that is fol.), description of act, and contact the Archivio di Stato di Lanciano - Viale Cappuccini 66034 - Lanciano (CH).
Notary Indexes

Notar Claudio Paglione

The volumes are beautifully written. Each year begins with an artistic page, at the end of each year there is a tidy index where the party making the deed is mentioned, with number of "folio" - pages are typically numbered only on the top right, while the left page (back) has no number. This notary was most probably related to the Paglione barons of Gessopalena. Introduction with Index by year and by surname

Index of Deeds by Notary Orazio Sirolli

Year 1631 ]

Index of Deeds by Notary Gualtieri

1659-1660 ]       [ 1661 ]

Index of Deeds by Notary Biagio Scamuffa

Index of Deeds by Notary Giantommaso Peschio

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