The "Fuochi" in Liscia, Year 1447

Below are the surnames recorded in 1447 in the municipality of Liscia, province of Chieti. The transcription is based on Nunzio Faraglia's essay "Numerazione dei Fuochi della Valle del Sangro", published in 1898. 209 individuals (anime) were recorded in 33 different family groups (fuochi).


LISIA (=Liscia)
DEPUTIES: Joannes Matheus archipresbipter, Angelicus Nicolai Adriani sindicus, Cola Bartholomei, Bartholomeus Petri Nicolai Bucii sindicus
Fuochi: 33
Anime: 209
SURNAMES: Adriani * Antonij * Bartholomei * Bucii * Bernardi * Bregantis * de Giuline * Jacobi * Joannis * Joannucii * Ludovici * Lollicti * Mucij * Mancini * Nicolai * Sante * Veteris
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