The "Fuochi" in Castrovalva, Year 1447

A census of 1447 listed the Heads of families in Castrovalva, presently a very small hamlet included as a frazione in the municipality of Anversa degli Abruzzi, province of L'Aquila. The transcription is based on Nunzio Faraglia's essay "Numerazione dei Fuochi della Valle del Sangro", published in 1898. 78 individuals (anime) were recorded in 12 different family groups (fuochi).


Folius: ccccclx (560)
CASTRO (= Castrovalva)
Date: on the day 12th of May
Fuochi: 12
Anime: 78
SURNAMES: Berardi * Colantonius * Joannis Leonardi * Mathucij * Magistri Pauli * Masij * Petri * Pemerij * Stefani
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