1447 - Numerazione dei Fuochi

In March 1443 King of Naples Alfonso I of Aragona ordered a tax reform, based on a per-head tribute called "focatico" that required a census of all the families with their members. The only books left of that census seem to be one for the Valle di Sangro and another for Calabria Ulteriore.
The book of the Valle di Sangro, over 600 pages, was extensively studied by Nunzio Fererico Faraglia in the late 1800, and an essay, "Numerazione dei Fuochi della Valle del Sangro" (copies are available in the Province Library of Chieti), was published in 1898. After that date, according to information released by the State Archive of Naples, the original manuscript was lost somehow and as of 2018 is still missing, therefore Faraglia's essay, though a secondary source, is the only extant trace of that Numerazione. The villages and towns included in the Numerazione belong to southern Abruzzo, to the Provinces of Chieti, Aquila, some from Molise and one, Baselice, to the province of Benevento and Isernia.


    The transcription is in Latin, the original language. Useful terms are:
  • the Deputati and Sindici, were the officers or authorities performing the survey;
  • fuochi= plural of fuoco, which was the per head unit for the tax, coresponded to all the individuals living under a same roof, a fiscal equivalent of "family";
  • anime= inhabitants.
  • massarii= landowners and prominent members of the community

Province of Benevento

Province of Chieti

Province of Isernia

Province of L'Aquila