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The resources which might help genealogy research in Abruzzo were grouped into the following categories: Italian Resources || USA Resources || General Genealogy Sites || Homepages about Abruzzese descent || Software || Books

Italian Resources

USA Resources

General Genealogy Sites

  • Ancestry.com: Database Available for searching - subscription required
  • Rootsweb: large volumes of data available to the online genealogical community at minimal cost and support services to online genealogical activities
  • American National Genealogic Society: Genealogy Online, with its home in Santa Cruz, California, has been helping family researchers since 1994 with a multitude of free services, created by the public.

Homepages for Abruzzese descendants


  • Brother Keeper: a Windows genealogy shareware program that will help you organize your family history information and let you print charts and reports
  • Family Tree-Maker: versions with different prices