Archive of Caltanissetta online

Provinces of Sicilia Resources in the Archive of Caltanissetta available online on the Antenati Portal cover mostly the years after the unity of Italy from 1866. Some places in the province were later included in the Provinces of Agrigento and Enna.
Other years may be in the archive or townhalls. After the name of places there is, if different, the present name.

Stato Civile Italiano 1866-1903

  • Province of Agrigento: San Biagio 1895-1903 (San Biagio Platani);
  • Province of Enna: Castrogiovanni (Enna) only cittadinanze 1881
  • Province of Caltanissetta: Acquaviva Platani 1866-1899; Bompensiere; Caltanissetta; Campofranco 1866-1899; Delia; Marianopoli; Milocca (Milena); Montedoro; Mussomeli; Resuttano; Riesi; San Cataldo; Santa Caterina Villarmosa; Serradifalco; Sommatino; Sutera; Vallelunga Pratameno; Villalba.