Regional Recipes of Marche

Italian Recipes The cuisine of the Marche is exceptionally varied, due to the different geographical features of the territory, and has much in common with other regions of central Italy (Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio), as with bread-based dishes like Bruschetta and Panzanella. The different areas of the region offer a great variety of first and main courses, and an astonishing wealth of desserts and cakes.

Some Recipes of Marche

Typical Products

Marche The Brodetto of the Marche occupies a prominent position in the regional cuisine: more delicate than in Veneto and Romagna, but stronger than in Abruzzo and Apuliao, of which there is a red version with tomato in Pesaro and Ancona and a yellow version with saffron of Ascoli.

Among the first courses are the vincisgrassi of Macerata and Ancona; the traditional soups of Ancona and Ascoli, quadrucci with potatoes (or with beans and pork rinds), the pecofelle di Sassoferrato (large leavened spaghetti seasoned with tomato), frescarelli (lumps of flour cooked in water and seasoned with garlic and pecorino), the passatelli from the Pesaro area, usually served in broth., the Campofilone maccheroncini, the smoked pasta al fumé (pasta with a cream of bacon or speck, tomato puree, cream and an emmenthal cheese in the Fermo area.

Among the main courses in the hinterland and mountain area of Marche there is a large use of porchetta, tripe, roasted chicken co 'lu pilotto (that is flavored with a thick slice of lard), chicken with peppers, marinated lamb, lambcorata and frittata con la mentuccia. Other typical dishes are the stoccafisso in potacchio all'anconitana, the olive ascolane, olives stuffed with meat, breaded and fried, the cremini (breaded and fried custard cubes), and braised meat of Pesaro.

The variety of desserts and cakes in the region is simply amazing. There are the sanguinaccio (prepared with breadcrumbs, honey, rum, cinnamon, sapa and orange zest crammed into pork casing and boiled for half an hour), traditional nougats as the Frustingo, made with dried figs, honey and citrus peel, typical of Christmastime, as is also a typical Christmas bread with walnuts, cooked in a wood oven and obtained from the traditional dough of the bread with the addition of dried figs, raisins, walnuts and pepper.

At carnival, the castagnole, frappe and the Cicerchiata, similar to the Neapolitan struffoli. and the traditional "Easter crescia" based on cheese or with the addition of candied fruit.

The cavallucci, typical of Apiro and Cingoli are small cakes filled with figs and chocolate, and throughout the region the maritozzi, are made with a dough of sweet bread with raisins and anise covered with icing; the sweet peaches consist of two halves of shortcrust pastry soaked in alchermes and stuffed with chocolate); the ciambellone is not round in shape but flattened on the baking pan and filled with cream or chocolate with almonds; the lonza di fico di Ancona is a sweet salami with fig and walnut paste, the castagnaccio is made with chestnut flour and dried fruit, and the sciughetti with grape must, dried fruit and raisins.