Regional Recipes of Basilicata

Italian Recipes Lucanian (the adjective and demonym for Basilicata) cuisine is very ancient and varied, often shared with neighbouring regions, such as Calabria, Puglia and Campania. Homemade pasta is very common, such as traditional cavatelli, orecchiette and lagana or lagane. Its cuisine makes use above all of the products of the earth, of the meat deriving from sheep breeding and therefore also of dairy products, and pork.

Typical Products

Basilicata Among the most important products of this regional cuisine we find Matera bread, bran peppers, Majatica olive oil, Amaro Lucano, cartellate and many others.

The best known food invented and produced in Basilicata is sausage, and of excellent quality are those of Cancellara and San Chirico Raparo, that spread over the centuries to teh rest of Italy and throughout the world; in some area of northern Italy it still retains the name of Luganega, connected to its place of origin.