Italy Heritage: Keep in Touch with your Roots

Research your Italian genealogy
Wherever they went in the world, Italians brought along a thousands of years' background of culture, history, art, traditions, music, cuisine. It is the mission of their descendants to keep the great heritage of Italy alive, and the mission of this website is to guide them to the many facets of this quest.
    A journey in the pages of Italy Heritage can offer:
  • insights into the very soul of Italian towns and villages and the great wealth of historical, cultural, artistic and natural beauties;
  • an introduction to Italian genealogy research through archives, records, documents, to help the descendants of Italian emigrants to rediscover and study their own roots in Italy;
  • a collection of articles and videos, to appreciate the traditions that Italians brought along as a special treasure in their quest for a better future.

Italian Genealogy

Research into Italian genealogy with the support of a collection of records and indexes from archives, documents, research, libraries; among the main sections, a guide to research, and to reinstate Italian citizenship for descendants of Italians emigrants, lists of surnames divided by place at present and from the past.
Logo of the Italian republic

Italian Regions and Provinces

A guide to Italian regions, towns and hamlets, with their history, highlights and genealogy connections. A comprehensive description of the Administrative Divisions of Italy into regions, Provinces, Comuni, Frazioni; also included a collection of links to the official websites of Provinces and Comuni, and a list of Zip - Postcodes for all localities and addresses.

Heritage Ezine

Articles about research, genealogy, history, art, Italian recipes divided by region, a section dedicated to the writer John Fante, the Abruzzo Heritage archive.

Italian Cuisine and Food


Italian Traditions and Events

Highlights on the main festivities celebrated in Italy, classified by Region and Month, as well as special sections devoted to Christmastime and Carnival
Abruzzo portal

Abruzzo portal

Online since 1997 as Abruzzo 2000, this legacy section offers insights into the culture, history, art, towns and villages in the Abruzzi region, itineraries, events; also guestbook archive, news archive, a shop.
Great Italians

Great Italians

A section devoted to those Italians that honored their origins wherever their vision and destiny brought them. Recent Additions: Frank Capra | Arturo Toscanini | Franco Zeffirelli | Giacomo Puccini | Luisa Spagnoli | Primo Carnera | Giuseppe (Joe) Petrosino
Learning Italian

Learn Italian

The Italian Language is part of our heritage, and understanding Italian is also a journey into the rediscovery of our past. This section includes a beginner's Italian course, texts from literature, excerpts from movies and documentaries, with parallel English translation for a full immersion into true Italian-speaking situational contexts.