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Wherever they went in the world, Italians brought along a cultural background of thousands years of history, art, traditions, music, cuisine. It is the mission of their descendants to keep the great heritage of Italy alive, and our mission to help offering:
  • Italian regions insights into the very soul of Italian cities, towns and villages and the great wealth of historical, cultural, artistic and natural beauties;
  • genealogy research, records, documents, archives, to help the descendants of Italians to get back to their roots through research;
  • articles and videos, to rediscover the importance of the traditions that forebears kept as their special treasure in their quest for a better future.

Italian Regions and Provinces

Italian Genealogy

Genealogy portalA collection of records and indexes from archives, research, libraries and cemeteries, mostly Abruzzo, some from Molise and Lazio; a guide to research, and to Italian citizenship for descendants of Italiant emigrants, an archive of postings for Abruzzo and Molise since 1999.

Abruzzo portal

Abruzzo portal
Online since 1997 as Abruzzo 2000, this section offers insight into the culture, history, traditions, art, towns and villages in the Abruzzi region; also guestbook archive, news archive, itineraries, events, a shop.

Let's Learn Italian

Learn Italian
Improve your Italian language: a beginner's Italian course, literature, video recipes to learn Italian while cooking, excerpts from movies and documentaries, with parallel English translation for a full immersion in true Italian-speaking situational contexts.

Heritage ezine

shepherds Articles about research, genealogy, and the traditions that our forebears kept as their special treasure in their quest for a better future, and the great wealth of historical, cultural, artistic and natural beauties of Italy.

Great Italians

A section devoted to all the Italians that honored their origins wherever their vision and destiny brought them. Recent Additions: Frank Capra | Arturo Toscanini | Franco Zeffirelli | Giacomo Puccini | Luisa Spagnoli | Primo Carnera | Giuseppe (Joe) Petrosino
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Pappa col Pomodoro
Viva la Pappa col Pomodoro
Rita Pavone's song of the 1960s, written by Oscar winners Lina Wertmüller and Nino Rota.
Article on the CoVID-19 pandemic
Everything will not be all right
Translation into English of the original Italian article of Dr. Gian Luca Garetti.
St. Valentine of Terni
San Valentino
How a martyr from Terni became the protector of romantic love.
Emigrants' Bulletins
Emigrants' Bulletins
List of Italians of unknown origin born, married or deceased abroad.
Befana del Vigile
Befana of the policeman
A tradition of the 1950s re-enacted in modern times.
The Neapolitan pot
Neapolitan pot
Instructions and secrets on making coffee with the old traditional flip coffee pot.
Garibaldi Thousand
Garibaldi's Thousand
Names of the volunteers of the 1860 Expedition that led to the unification of Italy...
Botticelli, Primavera
The cryptic Botticelli's Primavera...
Shakespeare Crollalanza Florio theory
Was the Bard Italian?
The fascinating Crollalanza - Shakespeare theory...
Camicia Rossa
Camicia Rossa
An 1865 Garibaldini song full of courage and sadness...
The history of Vespa, an Italian icon
Mythical Vespa
Patented in 1946, an icon of Italian life...
Villa of Livia
Villa of Livia
Just outside Rome, a newly discovered Augustan residence...
Smart Food Diet
Smart Food Diet
30 foods to live long and healthy...
Preferisco il Paradiso
A 2010 TV movie on St. Filippo Neri, who devoted himself to street kids...
Pasta e Patate
A simple, "poor" recipe of Southern Italian cuisine, for which every "nonna" had her special secrets...