Giostra della Quintana, Foligno, Umbria

Among the most spectacular medieval re-enactements in central Italy.

Dates change each year.
From: second week in June
Until: second week in September
Where: Campo Giochi, Foligno
Official Website: http://www.quintana.it

A competition among 10 medieval quarters. The field is an 8-shaped 754 meters long. At the junction of the two diagonals an ancient wooden statue, the Quintana, is placed. Each knight has to hit the statue with his lance. When two knights reach the same score, the competition between them is repeated twice. The popular re-enactment was established in 1946, inspired from a real joust that took place on 10 February 1613, during the Carnival, described in detail by a historian of the time, Ettore Tesorieri. The horse-race event is accompanied by costume parade, medieval games, exhibitions throughout the summer.
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