Tall Ships Races 2007 Mediterranea, Nomeluogo, Liguria

The world Regatta of Tall Ships will touch the ancient port of Genoa.

Where: Genoa, Porto Antico
From: 28 July 2007
Until: 31 July 2007

Over 40 huge sailships from all over the world, with half of the crews formed by youths between 16 and 25 years of age of different nationalities, compete in the event that starts from Alicante on 7 July, proceeds to Barcelona and Tolone to finish at Genoa on 28 July. From 28 to 31 July the wonderful ships will be docked at Porto Antico and Stazione Marittima, with escorted tours offered to visitors.

More entertainments during the 3 days will include a golf tournament on floating platforms, music, dance and theatre performances, a Pesto Genoese Championship, a European Vintage Flea-Market.

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