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Kitchen Towels

wines, limoncello, pesto genovese, pasta, regions etc. in either 2-towels or 5-towels packets
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Amazon store
Visit our selections of books, calendars, kitchen tools on sale at Amazon.

Abruzzo Calendar 2015

with photos of Abruzzo, 8.50 EUR + shipment.
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Catasti Collection

extracts of genealogy data from 1750 for Pratola, Pettorano, Guardiagrele, each 55 EUR including shipment.
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CD Abruzzese Music + Calendar

CD of traditional Abruzzo music
Abruzzese calendar + CD with traditional music and booklet of lyrics from L'Aquila, Abruzzo (L'Aquila bella me', Taranta aquilana, Reginella Campagnola etc).
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A photographic guide of Abruzzo, trilingual (Italian - English - German) version. 38.50 EUR shipment included
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Abruzzo Guidebook

A comprehensive guide of Abruzzo in ENGLISH (1 kg of heritage!). 44.50 EUR including shipment info & order>

Abruzzo America

Dedicated to all Abruzzese in the world who honor Abruzzo with their talent. 19.50 EUR including shipment info & order>

Ricette Tradizionali + Calendar

340 traditional Abruzzo recipes suggested by the greatest cooks. 44.50 EUR including shipment info & order>

Gift to family in Italy

A custom gift packet shipped by UPS throughout Italy with nougat, panettone, panforte ... from 56.50 EUR. info & order>

Tombola della Smorfia

tombola smorfia
96 cards in the traditional "Smorfia napoletana" cartellone. 42.00 EUR + shipment. info & order>

Gift packet from Italy

Christmas gift
A gift packet with nougat, panforte, parrozzini, calendar, CD of traditional music... From 28.00 EUR registered shipment included. info & order>

Panforte of Siena

The classic cake based on candied fruit and almonds... 9.50 EUR + shipment. info & order>

Tombola 4 Stagioni

48 plastic cards with closing windows. 32.00 EUR + shipment info & order>

Vintage Postcards

hundreds of unique postcards from Italy dated early 20th - 1960's. from 2.00 EUR + shipment. info & order>

Chitarra for pasta

The original pasta cutting tool of your grandmothers. From 57.50 EUR including shipment. info & order>


Colorful "Dieta Mediterranea" and "Viva la Cucina" aprons, 60x90cm. 8.50 EUR each info & order>

Torrone & Calendar

Soft chocolate and hazelnuts nougat with Calendar of traditional costumes. From 32.50 EUR including shipment. info & order>

"Presentosa" Pendant

Presentosa pendant
The typical Abruzzese jewel in silver or gold. From 12.50 EUR including shipment. info & order>

Abruzzo nel Tempo

Abruzzo nel Tempo
The most comprehensive history of the region
42.50 EUR info & order>

Wood Paintings

Artistic reproductions on antique wood.
from 96 EUR + shipment info & order>

Tombola Lusso

The classic game to play near the fireplace, eating tangerines... 58.00 EUR + shipment. info & order>

Italian Cities Puzzle

Puzzle Italia
68 cm x 48 cm finished size. From 18.50 EUR + shipment. info & order>