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Cocullo, Province of L'Aquila, Abruzzo, Italy

view Located at the junction of the Peligna and the Fucino valleys, Cocullo is a typical medieval village, famous for its ancient snake rites.


Altitude: 896 m a.s.l -- Distance from L'Aquila: 60 km -- Population: ca. 400 inhabitants -- Zip code: 67030 -- Phone Area Code: 0864


Dating from the 10th century AD, in all likelihood the current village was built on the ruins of an ancient pre-Roman settlement; near the town, in Casale, remains of villas of the first century BC and small bronze statues of Hercules were found. It belonged to the barony of Pescina, and in the 18th century it was still owned by the Sforza - Cabrera - Bodavilla family.

arrowSights & Excursions

  • the Piccolomini castle
  • the church of Madonna delle Grazie
  • the Sanctuary of St. Dominick the Abbot

arrowEvents & Festivities

  • First Thursday in May: Feast of St. Domenico, with the procession of "serpari" (=snake charmers)

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