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April 2015

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  • Also check the fine pages written by Deborah K. Millemaci on EASTER IN ITALY.

    April, no date fixed
  • Civita d'Antino (AQ): Lamb Festival, first half of the month
  • Collepietro (AQ): Festa di S. Vincenzo e della Madonna del Buon Consiglio
  • Lanciano (CH): Fiera Nazionale dell'Agricoltura
  • San Valentino in Abruzzo Citeriore (PE): Sagra della frittata
  • Villalfonsina (CH): Feast of Sant'Irene

  • Gessopalena (CH): Holy Wednesday, Miracle play in costume about Christ's Passion and Death throgh the streets of the ancient village Palm Sunday

    Holy Thursday
  • Paglieta (CH): Canto della Passione
  • Vasto (CH): Procession of the "Sacra Spina"

    Holy Friday - there are procession and sacred celebration in these places:
  • Atri (TE): Representation of the Passion
  • Atessa (CH): Processione del Cristo Morto
  • Carunchio (CH): Nocturnal procession, very suggestive
  • Castilenti (TE): a procession with two choirs, male voices singing a Miserere and female voices answering with a lauda
  • Chieti (CH): Via Crucis, the most ancient in Italy, with a majestic Miserere choir all of male voices accompanied by one hundred violins
  • Lanciano (CH): Procession on Christ's Death
  • L'Aquila: at 19 hours from San Bernardino, "Processione del Cristo Morto" with groups in costume and majestic Miserere chorus throughout the city
  • Montefino (TE): Representation of the Passion
  • Montorio al Vomano (TE): Representation of the Passion
  • Pianella (PE): Processione del Cristo Morto
  • Vasto (CH): Processione del Cristo Morto

  • Lanciano (CH): representation of Christ's meeting with His Mother and with John the Gospel Writer
  • Pianella (PE): "Historical re-enactment with banquet and palio"
  • San Demetrio nei Vestini (AQ): Feast of Madonna Rossa
  • Spoltore (PE): "Scuocchio", traditional game when one player must break the hard-boiled egg of his adversary
  • Sulmona (AQ): Feast of "Madonna che scappa", one of the most peculiar Abruzzese traditions: a statue of the Madonna is carried from one side of Piazza Garibaldi to the other, then starts running as soon as she sees Jesus, and her mantle flies away allowing people to draw predictions about the year from how it drops.

    Easter Monday
  • Notaresco (TE): Feast of Maria Corredentrice
  • Pianella (PE): "Historical re-enactment with banquet and palio"
  • Rapino (CH): Feast of Madonna della Libera
  • Villalago (AQ): Procession to the hermitage of San Domenico
  • Giulianova (TE): Feast of Madonna dello Splendore, with horse race within the city centre

    Easter Tuesday
  • Corropoli (TE): "Madonna che corre", in the morning, in the main square, the statue of a veiled Madonna meets a statue of San Giovanni the Apostle, and they are carried, always running, towards the statue of Christ
  • Lanciano (CH): representation of Christ's meeting with His Mother and with John the Gospel Writer (repeated from Easter Sunday)
  • Moscufo (PE): Feast of Santa Maria del Lago
  • Orsogna (CH): Festa della madonna and "Talami", represantations of biblical scenes, with final procession to the Madonna del Rifugio
  • Picciano (PE): Feast of San Vincenzo

  • Paglieta (CH): Feast of San Vincenzo
  • Turrivalligiani (PE): Feast of San Vincenzo

  • Treglio (CH): Feast of San Giorgio

  • San Salvo (CH): On this Saturday, the last before San Vitale's feast on April 28, decorated tractors carry the "some", with the wheat that will be groung and used to prepare the "sagnitelle" and "taralli" on 28 April

  • Lama dei Peligni (CH): Sagra delle Sagne (grossly cut home made pasta) e Fagioli (beans)
  • Morino (AQ): Festa patronale di S. Rocco
  • Pacentro (AQ): Feast of San Marco
  • Scerni (CH): Tavola di San Panfilo, an enormous banquet with hundrers of people
  • Tornimparte (AQ): Feast of San Panfilo, at Villagrande

  • Avezzano (AQ): Feast of Patron Madonna di Pietracquaria, with Via Crucis and fireworks
  • Gioia dei Marsi (AQ): Festa di S. Antonio e della Madonna del Buonconsiglio

  • San Salvo (CH): Feast of San Vitale
  • Scerni (CH): Feast of San Panfilo
  • Sulmona (AQ): Feast of San Panfilo

  • Castel Castagna (TE): celebration in honor of Saint Peter, the village patron

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