"La Partenze", Abruzzese typical bridal song, version of Collecorvino

This text was collected by Donatangelo Lupinetti in 1955. The song is divided into couplets which usually rhyme two by two, but tehre are even four lines all rhyming together. The function of the rhyme was, as in all oral culture, to make the words easier to remember. According to Professor Lupinetti, the song was played by a choir including also the bridegroom; the group started far from the bride's house then approached the destination and were welcomed by the bride's father.

Dialect text
Parténze che nn’ avésse maje venute
Di la’ partì a mme da questo loco!
So’ venute da luntane paèse
Pe’ salutare a ttè, signora spose.

Chi àj chiss’ occhie tue chi sémpre piagne
Chi lasce la tua matre di tante vicchiézze?
Ha t’allevàte nchi frulle e carèzze,
A te ti cacce nchi tanta gintilèzze?

Bianca ruscétte, annùrdete li panne,
Si n’à minú te l’ore di la parténze.
A ccase di tua matre sî stata tante,
A ccase di lu spose bisogne andàe.

Duvéte andàe dova vo’ la sorte.
Piagne li mure e suspire li porte;
Duvéte andàe dove vo’ la vintùre,
Piagne li porte e suspire li mure.

Circhéteje pirdòne a mamme e tate,
Si séte state na fijja ‘ngrate.
Circhéteje pirdòne a vostre patre,
Pi tutte lu témpe chi te à ‘llevàte.

Circhéteje pirdòne a vostra matre,
Pi cquante gocce di latte t’ à date.
Piagne la mamme ca la fijja spose,
Ca si ni va la ‘stute di la case;

Piagne la mamme ca la fije parte,
Ca si ni va lu fiore di la finéstre,
Circhéteje pirdòne a lu fratèlle,
S’avéte state na sgrata surèlle.

Circhéteje pirdòne a li vicìne,
S’n'avéte state na brava mbambine.
Circhéteje pirdòne a tutte quante,
S’avéte state na fije poche amante...

Partenza dillirose e vita care,
Cisà duman’ a ssère dove ti trove?
Ti trove ‘mbracce a tuo care spose,
Annùrdete li panne, o cara spose!

Vi lasce la bbona sère si la vulète,
Si nno li lasce pi sti pintunàte.
La code di la volpe è senza pèle,
Ci àpre lu Cape di case e ci dà ‘bbève!

Ha litigàte lu cane nchi la gatte,
Evvive li bandiste di Cippagatte.
E i’ di nome mi chiame Supène,
Evviva la bande di Cullecurvéne!

English Translation
(bride)O Departure wish you would never come
That I must leave this place!
(singer)I came from a faraway town
To greet you o lady bride.

Why do your eyes always cry
that you leave your old mother?
who raised you with caresses,
who gave you so much gentle deeds?

Red and white, prepare the linen,
Here the time to go has come.
You lived long in your mother's house,
To your bridegroom's now you must go.

You must go where destiny takes you.
The walls cry and the doors sigh;
You must go where fortune takes you,
The doors cry and the walls sigh.

Ask forgiving to your mother and aunts,
If you were an ungrateful daughter.
Ask forgiving to your father,
For all the time he raised you.

Ask forgiving to your mother,
For all the drops of milk she gave youe.
The mother cries 'cause the daughter is marrying,
'Cause the girl leaves the house;

The mother cries 'cause the daughter is leaving,
'Cause the flower from the window is going,
Ask forgiving to your brother,
If you were an ungrateful sister.

Ask forgiving to your neighbours,
If you were not a nice child.
Ask forgiving to everyone,
If you were not a loving daughter.

Painful departure and dear life,
You know where you'll be tomorrow night?
You'll be in the arms of your dear spouse,
Prepare your lenen o dear bride!

I leave you with a good night if you want,
Or... li lasce pi sti pintunàte.
The fox's tail has no hair,
The father opens and gives us drinks!

The dog fights with the cat,
Hail the band of Cepagatti.
And my name is Supène,
Hail the band of Collecorvino!

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