Vola Vola Vola, Abruzzo traditional song

(1922) Lyrics by L. Dommarco - Music by G. Albanese

Almost the Abruzzese emblem song, was originally from Ortona (CH) and became immensely popular after being awarded the first prize in Paris in 1953 at the Festival of the Italian Song.

It is a melancholy song, based on the nostalgic memory of a youth game among boys and girls, based on the ransom of token objects.

Dialect version
Vulesse fa rvenì pe' n'ora sola
lu tempe belle de la cuntentezze
quande pazziavame a vola vola
e ti cupré di vasce e di carezze.

E ... vola, vola, vola, vola
e vola lu pavone,
si tié lu core bbone
mo' fammece arpruvà!

Na vóte, pe' spegnà lu fazzulette
so' state cundannate de vasciarte;
tu ti sei fatte rosee e mi sci dette
di 'nginucchiarme prime e d'abbracciarte.

E ... vola, vola, vola, vola
vola lu gallinacce;
mo' se mi guarde 'nfacce
mi pare de sugnà.

Come li fiure nasce a primavere,
l'amore nasce da la citilanze.
Mari, se mi vuò bbéne accòme jere
ne' mi luvà stu sonne e sta speranze.

E vola, vola, vola, vola
e vola lu cardille
'nu vasce a pizzichille
ne' me le può negà!

English version
I wish for just one more hour
the beautiful time of joy would come
when we would play fly-fly
and I covered you with kisses and caresses

Fly and fly and fly and fly
just let the peacock fly
if your heart is good
now do let me try!

Once to ransom back a scarf
I was condamned to kiss you
you got all red and told me
to kneel down first and embrace you

Fly and fly and fly and fly
just let the turkey fly
now if you look into my face
I think I'm dreaming.

Just like flowers are born in spring
love is born from childhood
Mary, if you love me like yesterday
don't take sleep and hope away from me

Fly and fly and fly and fly
just let the canary fly
one small kiss to me
you really can't deny.

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