Si maritau Rosa

A traditional love song known all over Sicily, with a waltz rhythm. It is also known as "Vinni la primavera". Author of the lyrics and music are unknown. The lyrics tell about the anguish of a girl, who, seeing friends getting married, regrets that she has not been able to find a husband, in a not so far-away past when marriage was the only aim in life for a young girl.

Sicilian costume
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Vinni la primavera
li mennuli sù n'ciuri
Lu focu di l'ammuri
lu cori m'addurmò.
Spring has come
almond trees are in blossom
the fire of love
took over my heart.
E ammezzu suli e ciuri,
avvolunu l'aceddi
Tutti 'sti cosi beddi
mi fannu suspirà.
and amid sun and flowers,
little birds are flying
All these beautiful things
make me sigh.
Si maritau Rosa
Saridda e Pippinedda
e iù, ca sugnu bedda
mi vogghiu marità.
Rose got married
and Sara and Josephine
and me, who am beautiful
I want to get married.
Si maritau Rosa
Saridda e Pippinedda
Pi ia cha sognu bedda
maritau non ci n'è.
Rose got married
and Sara and Josephine
form me, who am beautiful
no husband there is.
Tanti picciotti beddi
passunu pi sta' strata;
ma nuddu 'na vardata
alla mé casa dà.
So many handsome youths
walk by along this street;
but not even a glance
to my house they give.
Certu 'stu ddesideriu
distruggi la mé vita
mi vogghiu fari zita
mi vogghiu marità.
Si maritau Rosa [...]
Sure this desire
is ruining my life
I want to get engaged
I want to get married.
Rose got married
La dota l'àiu fatta
la casa l'àiu macari
schetta non vogghiu stari
rannuzza sugnu già
Dowry is ready
the house as well
spinster I won't remain
a bit old I am already
La culpa è di mé matri
mi teni arritirata
ma ora la iurnata
vaiu di ccà e di ddà.
Si maritau Rosa [...]
It is my mother's fault
she keeps me secluded
but now all day
I go here and there.
Rose got married [...]