'I Te Vurria Vasa'

A Neapolitan song by V. Russo / E. Di Capua
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Ah! che bell'aria fresca
Ch'addora 'e malvarosa.
E tu durmenno staje
Ncopp'a sti ffronne 'e rosa.
Ah! what nice fresh air
scented of hollyhocks
and you are sleeping
over these rose branches.
'O sole a poco a poco
Pe 'stu giardino sponta;
'o viento passa e vase
'stu ricciulillo 'nfronne.

The sun little bu little
in this garden is rising
the wind goes and kisses
this little curl on the forehead
'I te vurria vasa'
'I te vurria vasa'
Ma 'o core nun m' 'o
Ddice 'e te scetà
'e te scetà.
I'd like to kiss you
I'd like to kiss you
but my heart does not
tell me to wake you up
to wake you up.
'I me vurria addurmì
'I me vurria addurmì
Vicino 'o sciato tujo
N' ora pur' i'!
N' ora pur' i'!
I'd like to fall asleep
I'd like to fall asleep
near your breath
an hour, me too
an hour, me too
Tu duorme oje Rosa mia...
e duorme a suonno chino,
mentr'io guardo, 'ncantato,
stu musso curallino...
You're sleeping oh my Rose
and sleeping deeply
while I'm looking enchanted
at this coral mouth
E chesti ccarne fresche,
e chesti ttrezze nere,
mme mettono, 'int''o core,
mille male penziere!
'I te vurria vasa' [...]
And this fresh skin
and black tresses
bring to my heart
a thousand bad thoughts
I'd like to kiss you [...]
Sento 'stu core tuje
Che sbatte comm' 'a ll'onne.
Durmenno, angelo mio,
Chi sa tu a chi te suonne!
I can feel your heart
beating like the waves
while sleeping, o my angel
who knows who you're dreaming of
'A gelusia turmenta
'stu core mio malato;
Te suonne a me? Dimmello...
O pure suonne a n'ato?
'I te vurria vasa' [...]
Jealousy plagues
my sick heart
Are you dreaming of me? Tell me...
Or are you dreaming of another?
I'd like to kiss you [...]