Viva la pappa col pomodoro

In the interpretation of a young Rita Pavone, this was the leitmotif of 'Le avventure di Gian Burrasca'. Written in 1965 by Nino Rota, lyrics by Lina Wertmuller, it speaks of a protest by the kids of the Pierpaoli College against very poor meals, and praises the virtues of tomato soup.
Language corner: the "pappa" is an informal Italian term derived from children's talk, which means a mashed baby food. The "pappa con il pomodoro" was actually a typical Tuscan recipe of the area of Siena, a poor dish of the peasants' tradition to re-use stale bread, made with bread, tomatoes, garlic, basil and extravirgin olive oil.

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Viva la pappappappa
col popopopopopopomodoro
Viva la pappappappa
che è un capopopopopopolavoro
Viva la pa papappappa
col popopomodor
Hurray for the pappa
with tomatoes
Hurray for the pappa
that is a masterpiece
Hurray for the pappa
with tomatoes
La storia del passato
ormai ce l'ha insegnato
che il popolo affamato
fa la rivoluzion
ragion per cui affamati
abbiamo combattuto
perciò buon appetito
facciamo colazion.
The history of the past
by now has taught us
that hungry people
make a revolution
for which reason we hungry
we fought
therefore Bon Appetite
let's have breakfast.
Viva la pappappappa [...]
Hurray for the pappa [...]
La pancia che borbotta
è causa del complotto
è causa della lotta
abbasso il direttor
la zuppa ormai l'è cotta
e noi cantiamo tutti
vogliamo detto fatto
la pappa al pomodor
A belly that grumbles
is a cause of plots
is a cause of fights
Down with the Principal
the soup is now cooked
and we all sing
we want on the spot
pappa with tomatoes
Viva la pappappappa [...]
Hurray for the pappa [...]