Surnames in Toscana, Italy

The most common surnames in Tuscany are patronymic, related to baptism names, such as Paoli, Pieri and Salvadori. Another feature is brevity often derived from shortenings as Baldi (from Ugobaldo), Berti (from Roterto or Adalberto), Betti (from Benedetto), Cioni (from Baldiccione, or Ugoccione), Corsi (from Accorso or Bonaccorso), Dini (from Guido, Aldo, Corrado), Gori (from Gregorio), Landi (from Rolando), Neri (from Rainero), Pucci (from Filippo), Vanni, Vannini and Vannucci (from Giovanni).

However, other "classical" surnames referring to crafts (Barbieri, Ciampi, Fabbri, Ferrari, Martelli, Mugnaii, Sarti), titles (Conti, Baroni), nicknames (Biondi, Grassi, Mancini) and places of origin (Lombardi, Pratesi).
The list of different surnames is mostly based on the white pages for the 1990's. Select a comune below to see a list of recorded surnames.

Surnames in the province of Arezzo:

Surnames in the province of Livorno:

Surnames in the province of Lucca:

Surnames in the province of Pistoia:

Surnames in other Regions:

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