Surname SANTORO, SANTORUM and variations

Etymology: Typical of the South, especially eastern Sicily and the Neapolitan area, derived from the medieval name Santorus, with several variants: Santori, Santorio, Santoriello, Santorini. In Trentino the Latinized form "Santorum" prevails.

It was possibly a medieval first name, taken from the Latin expression "Dies Festus omnium sanctorum" (where Sanctorum is genitive plural of Sanctus), that is, the Feast of All Saints; Santorus was a name sometimes given to children born on that day. Or it was possibly connected to someone acting as a saint, or who had connections with religious things, as a sacristan or seller of religious items.

Distribution: The surname Santorelli appears in Umbria, in the Rome area, Molise, province of Chieti and in Campania. Santoro is specific to the center and south of Italy.

arrowWhite Pages: The surname SANTORO is very common, as it appears in Italy with over 10,000 listings. The plural form SANTORI is more rare, with a little over 700 listings, the other variations are rare and more localized.

arrowEllis Island: almost 4300 arrivals for SANTORO immigrants are recorded, 250 for Santori.

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