Etymology of Italian surnames starting with "Do-"

Surnames starting with:

DOMENICA, DOMENICATTI, DOMINICHINI, DOMINIGAZZO: From the first name Domenico, derived from the Latin word "dominus" = lord

DOMIZIA, DOMIZIANO: Form the Latin first name Domizio

DONA, DONATELLI, DONATI: From the first name Donato, derived from the Latin adjective "donatus" meaning given by God

DONATIELLO: From the first name Donato; Neaples area

DONATO: From the first name Donato, derived from the Latin adjective "donatus" meaning given by God

DONNA: From the word "donna", derived from the Latin "domina" = lady. Sometimes used also as a noble title

D'ONOFRIO: From the first name Onofrio, derived from Egyptian name "Onnophris" = always happy. Patronymic surname

D'ORAZIO: From the first name Orazio, derived from the Latin Horatius. Patronymic surname

D'ORSI: From the word "orso" = bear, used also as a nickname to indicate a strong person

D'ORTONA: From the name of the town od Orona. To indicate someone coming from there

D'OTTAVIO: From the first name Ottavio, derived from the noble family name "Octavia". Name given by the Romans to the 8th child born. Patronymic surname

D'OVIDIA, D'OVIDIO: From the first name Ovidio, derived from the Latin family name "Ovidius", from the word "ovis" = ship. Name given to a shepherd. Patronymic surname

DRAGANI, DRAGHETTO, DRAGONETTI, DRAGONI, DRAGOTTI: From the word "drago" = dragon, probably used as a nickname. It could also derive from an aromatic herb called "dragoni or dragoncello"

DREI, DREONI, DREOSSI, DRIUSSO, DRIUTTI, DRIUZZI: From the first name Andrea, derived from the Greek name Andreas, transformation of the Greek word "aner" = man

DUCATI, DUCHI, DUCHINI: From the medieval noble title "Duca" = Duke. Sometimes also to indicate a person that may work for the Duke

DURANDO, DURANTE, DURANTI: From the first name Durante, derived from the verb "durare" = to last. Some time is used its abbreviation: "Dante"

D'URBANO: From the first name Urbano, derived from the Latin word "urbanus" = citizen. Patronymic surname

D'UVA: From the word "uva" = grape. Probably used as a funny nickname

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