Surname Cassano and variation

Etymology: The surname may derive from names of places, as Cassano d'Adda in Lombardy, or Cassano delle Murge in Apulia, Cassano Spinola in Piedmont, Cassano in the province of Modena and others. As to the etymology of the word, it is generaly uncertain, but may be different for the various places. The variation Cassiano may more probably derive from the Latin name Cassius.

History: Cassano d'Adda derived probably from "Cassium" or Cas (home) sanum (healthy). For Cassano delle Murge a possibility is "Cassianum", that is, estate of the Cassia family. Cassano allo Ionio already existed in pre-Roman times as a Greek colony with the name "Cossa". As regards the surname, Cassano was an ancient noble family, Guglielmo and Bartolomeo Cassano were envoys sent to Naples by King Manfred and Charles of Anjou. In Apulia, in 1330 we find Blasco and Giovanni, his son, as lords of Brindisi, and then Viceroy of Calabria, in 1435 we find a Cassano involved in the government of Naples.

Distribution: As a toponimic Cassano is typical of different areas in Italy, especially Apulia. The variation Cassanelli appears in the areas of Milan, Modena, Bologna, and Bari; Cassanello is very rare and typical of Genoa. Cassani seems to have three areas of origin, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and the province of Genoa.

arrowItalian White Pages: the surname Cassano appears with over 2100 listings; Cassani with over 1100, Cassiano with 250, Cassiani with 280, Cassanelli with over 680.

arrowEllis Island: about 530 arrivals for Cassano immigrants are recorded; 140 for Cassani, about 60 Cassiani, 30 Cassanelli.

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