The Heroes of Fosse Ardeatine

On 24 March 1944 365 Italian prisoners were killed by German troops in reprisal for a partisans' attack. The list of victims is based on official records, collected and reconstructed after decades of research and forensics investigation.
Renato Guttuso painting of 1950

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  • ANFIM= Associazione Nazionale Famiglie Italiane Martiri caduti per la libertà della patria - http://www.anfim-nazionale.it/
  • ANPI= Associazione Nazionale Partigiani d'Italia
  • Ascarelli= ASCARELLI Attilio, "Le Fosse Ardeatine" (1965), Canesi, Roma.
  • Difesa= Italian Defence Ministry - Records of Victims and Missing soldiers in World War Two.
  • RomaEb = Comunità Ebraica di Roma (Jewish Community of Rome) - http://www.romaebraica.it/
  • Rosselli = Circolo Rosselli Milano - http://www.circolorossellimilano.org/, an organization of Liberals and Socialists in memory of Carlo and Nello Rosselli, assassinated under Fascism.
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  • Wiki = Wikipedia


  • V.M. = Medal to Military Value
  • M.C. = Medal to Civil Merit
  • (*a) = held by the Außenkommandos (kind of concentration camps) for police investigation (154 names)
  • (*b) = held by the Feldgericht (German Military Court) waiting for judgement (23)
  • (*c) = sentenced to death by the Feldgericht, waiting for execution (3)
  • (*d) = sentenced by the Feldgerichtcondannati to prison terms from 1 to 15 years (16)
  • (*e) = Jewish citizens (75)
  • (*g) = held by the Questura (Italian Law Court), arrsted for reasons of public security (10).
  • (*f) = held by the Questura (Italian Law Court), arrsted for political reasons (40).
  • (*h) = arrested near Via Rasella (10)
  • (*i) = acquitted by the Feldgericht (1)