Onciari Collection: the families in mid-1700

The Catasto Onciario was ordered for each place in Southern Italy in 1742, and was a census of all the individuals and their properties. The present publications are extract of the data of genealogy interest for each family, listing all members with names, ages and jobs. An invaluable tool for the researcher, can bring family reconstruction back to the late 1600 or at least early 1700's for all those who reached already late 1700 through the civil records.

For an individual to appear in the catasto he must have been living at the time the catasto was made (about 1742-1750). An alphabetical index of all the heads of family is included, and each family lists the page in the original book where the information is located.

You can order an extract by credit card (payment through PayPal) and receive the publication within 10 days at your home. CLick on the catasto of your interest to order.

To have an idea of the information you will find in these extracts, check this example online for a place in the Province of Chieti: the Catasto of Roccascalegna.

The "Catasti" presently available:
(In preparation: Pacentro, Pescocostanzo)
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