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ItalyHeritage: Keep in Touch with your Roots

Italians all over the world share a common cultural background, made of thousands years of history, art, traditions, music, cuisine: it is our mission to keep this great heritage alive.
You will find here:
  • information on Italy, with insights into the very soul of villages and towns and the great wealth of historical, cultural, artistic and natural beauties of our regions;
  • documents, photos, genealogy records, cemetery images, to help the descendants of Italians to get back to their roots through research;
  • articles to rediscover the importance of the traditions that our forebears kept as their special treasure in their quest for a better future.
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Let's Learn Italian

Learn Italian
A section devoted to improve your Italian language: a beginner's Italian course, literature, video recipes to learn Italian while cooking, excerpts from movies and documentaries, with parallel English translation for a full immersion in true Italian-speaking situational contexts.
Latest Articles:
History of the Alpini Corps
The Alpini
On the 2nd Sunday in May the National Alpini Gathering takes place, every year in a different city: the 88th event is to be held in L'Aquila...
Latest Destinations:
A castle and its mysteries: a 5-year-old playing at night, his mother's laments, the horrid Well of virgins, the fire cross of Celestine V...
Latest Recipes:
Bellini cocktail
An Italian cocktail based on white Verona peach purée and Prosecco wine, invented at "Harry's Bar", Venice, in the 1930s...

Italian Genealogy

Genealogy portalA collection of records and indexes from archives, research, libraries and cemeteries, mostly Abruzzo, some from Molise and Lazio; a guide to research, and to Italian citizenship for descendants of Italiant emigrants, an archive of postings for Abruzzo and Molise since 1999.

Great Italians

A section devoted to all the Italians that honored their origins wherever their vision and destiny brought them. Recent Additions:
Both a grape and a wine, the "vite ad alberello", the pride of the island of Pantelleria, Sicily, was included in the Unesco list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity...
An amazing place along the Thyrrhenian Sea between the Lazio and Campania region, rich of history, fantastic natural sites and artistic heritage...
Pasta e Patate
A traditional, classic recipe of Southern Italian cuisine, of which every "nonna" had her secrets. Few, simple, "poor" ingredients to obtain a tasty...

Heritage ezine

Articles about research, genealogy, and the traditions that our forebears kept as their special treasure in their quest for a better future, and the great wealth of historical, cultural, artistic and natural beauties of Italy.

Abruzzo portal

Abruzzo portal
Online since 1997 as Abruzzo 2000, this section offers insight into the culture, history, traditions, art, towns and villages in the Abruzzi region; also guestbook archive since 1998, news archive, itineraries, events, a shop section.
A subscription area with genealogy reserved resources (mostly from Abruzzo) with welcome packet, 1-year access. Already a member? Login Here.
RegistrationPeriodical maildigest, active since 1999, with messages from Abruzzese in the world [send a message to the list here].

Kitchen Tea Towels

Italian Tea towels
The colors of Italy on your table with these Italian tea towels: wines and cheeses, limoncello, pesto genovese, pasta, region and city towels, and more.
Latest Movies:
Preferisco il Paradiso
A 2010 TV movie starring Gigi Proietti on St. Filippo Neri, the "second Apostle of Rome" who devoted himself to the street kids in a corrupt, dangerous city...